If it were for the critics, Apple would transform iOS into an Android clone

iOS 7  is getting closer and almost everyone who fallows the smarthphone market has their own list of things they would like to see in the next version of Apple’s mobile OS. The interesting thing is that almost all the “must have if not apple is doom features” come from the idea that Android has [...]

Alternatives to the stylus problem on the iPad, the story behind the Grafos App

For many people the iPad was the first affordable computer they could use to draw directly on the screen. The only problem was that in order to draw you either have to use a single finger or a capacitive stylus. Drawing with a finger was convenient because you didn’t have to carry around anything else, [...]

About my new project, NeitCo.

Today in preparation for the release of my new iPad App, Grafos, I decided to start a blog that will go together with my new website (neit.co). I will describe neit.co as my personal incubator and this blog will be the place where I talk about all those ideas that make up my personal projects [...]